The Due Diligence Process

The results of due diligence and /or our investigatory exercises occasionally cause a purchaser or investor to decide not to go ahead. We therefore should be your first port of call when you are considering an investment into or sale of a business. More frequently, disclosures and findings from due diligence act as a price adjuster.

Why should you retain Corporate Due Diligence rather than your usual law or accountancy firm?


In short, the answer is speed and cost.


On receiving your instructions, we will gather the information we need to understand the nature of your existing business, the market place in which you and the target operate and what the proposed transaction is intended to achieve. In the ordinary way, we would expect to meet with you after your initial expression of interest to discuss your requirements and the project. All of this time will be spent by us without obligation or cost on your part. If we agree the parameters of the exercise, the timetable and the budget, we will then start work.

Employment issues



Data Protection

Insurance coverage & liability

Terms of business




Company Administration

Contracts with suppliers & customers

Our belief is that we can carry out a typical due diligence exercise for approximately half the cost of instructing a full service law firm.

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